Leigh Ring

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This questionnaire is an extremely helpful tool in understanding your objectives and goals in order to gauge the scope of the branding work you'd like to focus on. Please take the time to provide as much information as possible. Feel free to leave blank any questions that don’t apply.

Name *
If you had just 30 seconds to explain your product/services to a customer, what would you say?
What is the purpose of your existence (other than to make money)?
Please share 5 adjective or words that best describe your ideal customer. i.e. - demographic details, psychological profile, story, interests
This is about how you want customers to feel each time they interact with your business.
People connect through stories. Storytelling is an effective way to create and sell a brand image.
Why should your prospects buy from you or engage with you?
What do you like about their presence? What do you dislike about their brand identity?
logo, website, product packaging, business cards, marketing collateral, advertising, etc.
Think about the desires and feelings you want to invoke in your customers.
(bold, script, modern, light, hand-drawn, custom lettering)
(vacations, holidays, tradeshows, etc.)